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Aquamarine and pearl 15ct gold pendent

Aquamarine and pearl 15ct gold pendent


English - c.1910


A very high quality aquamarine, pearl and 15ct gold pendant from the turn of the last century. 15ct gold was discontinued in 1932 but is most associated with the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Its lovely gold yellow colour accentuates the stones and creates a beautiful balance of colours. This delicate piece with its pierced design creates a lightens of setting that does not over shadow the stones. There is an articulated dropper at the end of the pendent, set with two pearls and an aquamarine that give the piece a lovely sense of movement. 

The pendant comprises two radiant cut deep blue aquamarines and thirteen pure white pearls. The quality of the setting and the elements is excellent and the whole piece is very stylish. 

Hallmarks: The dropper is marked 15ct

Condition: The whole piece is in excellent condition with well matched original elements and undisturbed settings

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