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Art Deco silver toast rack

Art Deco silver toast rack


I.S.Greenberg - Birmingham 1935

This English silver toast rack captures not only the essence of the Art Deco movement with its simple pentagonal form and geometric feet but shows its longstanding influence.


The term Art Deco was coined in Paris in 1925 at the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes. It became the dominant design style of the day, channelling modernity and architectural angularity into all aspects of art and design. Art Deco still ruled a decade after its official birth. Modernist styles had of course been preparing for Art Deco since the end of the previous century but it is from 1925 until WW2 that is held unassailable sway. 

This elegant and useful piece, diminutive in size, would have been used on a breakfast tray for small slices of morning toast. Society between the wars was still dominated by domestic service and what we know as the ‘Downton Abbey’ life. This little breakfast piece is a capture of social history from the married woman who took her breakfast in her room to the household staff to carried and cleaned it. 

Still a useful object it can be used for toast, Melba toast, letters and as general desk tidy. 


Condition: Excellent 

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