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Coalport 'Japanese Grove' demitasse coffee cup and saucer

Coalport 'Japanese Grove' demitasse coffee cup and saucer


Coalport - c.1891

Called Japense Grove (sometimes Blue Bird and Bamboo). this pattern has become a dynamic reminder of Coalport’s flirtations with the Aesthetic Movement in the mid 19th century. When it first appeared it was the height of fashion and specifically focussed on the ‘Japonism’ element of the Aesthetic Movement. 
Designed by Thomas Blocksidge in the 1870s and made for the rest of the century this pattern remained enormously popular because of it rich decorative scheme and high use of gold. The blue is applied underglaze and then elements of the pattern are heightened by surrounding them with hand gilded sections.


Demitasse coffee cups became very popular towards the end of the 19th century as ladies started taking coffee in the evening after withdrawing from the dinner table.


Condition: Very good, a little gilt loss to the centre of the saucer. 

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