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Derby Crown Porcelain vase

Derby Crown Porcelain vase


Derby Crown Porcelain - 1884



This Derby Crown Porcelain vase is hand painted across the surface with purple flowers in various shades. The foliage of the flowers is made up of gilt and bronzed raised detailing. The vase has elements of eastern design in both its shape and decoration. The moulded hatching around the base and the gilt foliage have an almost Japanese feel, perhaps accentuated by the flash of colour used in the flowers.

Dating to 1884 this vase comes towards the end of the aesthetic movement when the eastern influences are a little less overt as they were a decade earlier. It is also important to remember that Osmanston Road Derby porcelain only appears from 1875 so they hadn’t the pedigree in this type of design when compared with their competitors like Minton. 


Condition: There is rubbing to the gilding around the rim and the painting has some wear in places. 

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