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Edwardian 15ct gold and pearl pendant-brooch

Edwardian 15ct gold and pearl pendant-brooch


This beautiful and elegant 15ct gold and pearl pendant brooch dates to the Edwardian period and has the benefit of being multipurpose. 
The pearls are beautifully matched and most are set using the millgrain technique. This is my favourite setting as it speckles nicely in the light but also holds the pearls very tightly. None of the pearls have been replaced. 
Within the design there are two articulated sections, one in the form of a flower, that move when the piece is worn making this an eye catching statement to you outfit. 


Hallmarks: There is a 15ct stamp on the reverse of the pendant. 


Condition: The brooch fitting on the back is original, as is the pendant bale at the top and the condition of the whole piece is excellent.

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