Minton pâte-sur-pâte plate by Richard Bradbury

Minton pâte-sur-pâte plate by Richard Bradbury


Minton - 1934 - Signed RB for Richard Bradbury


This highly unusual Minton plate has a full border of pâte-sur-pâte decoration depicting fish and underwater plants. The plate is most likely unfinished as it is ungilded. Incised into the blue ground is a RB monogram for the artist Richard Bradbury.


Bradbury was the last true pâte-sur-pâte artist to work at Minton and his work has a whimsical quality when compared against the more solid cherub themes of Solon and Birks. He also featured animals in much of his work including mice, chickens and swans. In 1939 he became a pilot at the outbreak of the second world war and although he survived, he never returned to Minton. The pâte-sur-pâte technique was lost until the factory had a limited revival of the process in the 1990s.


Pâte-sur-pâte is an immensely skilled form of painting where liquid slip is applied in thin layers to give a translucent cameo effect. The translation literally means paste on paste and it is the fact that the next layer is applied while the layer underneath is still wet that makes the technique so difficult.


Condition: Micro-crazing to the glaze and decoration across the whole surface.

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