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Minton plate painted with exotic flowers

Minton plate painted with exotic flowers


This super plate by Minton combines two key elements that are in many ways radically different but that when put together harmonise very well indeed.

The centre of the plate is painted by Richard Walklett with a still life of tropical flowers, the soft palette and brush strokes of which are very concurrent with the post Impressionist movement of the time. The hazy background and punchy colouring allow the eyes to focus and refocus on different parts of the image, catching something new with every look.

The border and gilding of the plate however is of a very different source to the Orient, it is straight out of mid 18th century France. The rococo revival scrolls of the inner gilding and the small pierced cartouches echo the whimsy and fun of the rococo movement, something we see a lot in the early work of Sèvres. Speaking of Sèvres, the pink and gold oeil de perdrix (partridge eye) design is taken from gilding schemes developed at the French factory but here, its use of polychrome colours is an unusual adaption of the iconic pattern. 


Condition - Excellent 

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