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Pair of Grainger Worcester pierced vases with covers.

Pair of Grainger Worcester pierced vases with covers.


Grinager Worcester - c.1870


These vases are not only a triumph of design, encapsulating the essence of the aesthetic movement, but also they are a marvel of engineering. To make such intricately piecerced objects and get them to survive in the kiln is a real achievement.

Grainger are one of the less well known Worcester factories but their wares are worthy of much praise, innovative, unuausl and of excellent quality they held their own from 1801 - 1889 when they were bought by Royal Worcester on the death of the owner. After the purchase Royal Worecster continued to make many of Grainger’s shapes and even kept their backstamps in use until the early 20th century, a testament to the popularity and success of Grainger’s designs.

This incredible pair of vases are made of a creamy Parian body, pierced and moulded with foliage, flowers and finished in delicate gilding. The motifs and shapes not only echo the Far East but also the Near East, giving a distinctly Arabian feel.

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