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Royal Crown Derby menu holder

Royal Crown Derby menu holder


Royal Crown Derby - 1894


Menu cards, holders and stands have been a feature of the dinner tables since at least the 19th century. The advent of service à la russe in the early 1800s meant that diners no longer helped themselves to food or had various courses laid in front of them in one go. As a result menus helped the diners pace themselves and in some cases they would pass a course in order to make it through the meal. 

Menu holders and cards soon started appearing, often made of silver or porcelain and sometimes featuring novelty designs or family crests. 

This special example by Royal Crown Derby that dates from 1894. This particular piece is designed to have the menu written onto it in pencil and has a special unglazed panel for that particular use. It’s rococo revival shape and sunny green and yellow colouring brings a really cheerful feel to the table. The classic English roses are hand painted on one corner and the stand on the reverse features a butterfly resting on some flowers.


Condition - Excellent 

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