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Royal Crown Derby vase

Royal Crown Derby vase


Royal Crown Derby - 1897


Porcelain has been made in Derby since the 18th century and this vase, with its delicate lavender and cobalt underglaze decoration is a tribute to the late 18th century wares of the original Derby factory.

Royal Crown Derby featured a range of wares with this type of blue underglaze alongside delicate hand painted floral bunches around the turn of the last century and this vase dates from then. 

What also marks it out as special, apart from it’s whopping size of 27cm is all the moulded details around the neck and base. Flowers, c scrolls, fleur de lys, not to mention the superb handles, are all meticulously moulded and then painted underglaze blue with their features picked out in gold. To make such a piece would take many different steps from moulding, slip casting, finishing, firing, biscuit decoration, glazing, overglaze decoration and final gilding.

Condtion: Excellent

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