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Silver and guilloché enamel locket

Silver and guilloché enamel locket


Probably American - c.1925


This Art Deco silver and guilloche enamel locket is perfect for occasions where you want to add a splash of colour. 
The enamel is accented by a beautiful cut and chased motif that stands out from the iridescent enamel and ends is a fashionable silver tassel. The locket opens up forwards and contains the frame to hold two photos without glass.
Bright yellow enamel like this is quite unusual and makes a welcome change from the more standard pinks and blues. Guilloché enamel involves engraving a pattern into the silver and then enamelling over the top with a colours translucent glass and firing to a high temperature.
Marked sterling, it was most likely made in the USA and it comes with a silver chain.


Condition: Exellent 

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