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Silver piqué and tortoiseshell clothes brush

Silver piqué and tortoiseshell clothes brush


William Comyns and Sons Ltd. - London 1916


Here is a stylish clothes brush to keep your jackets and coats in tip top condition. 

This tortoiseshell and silver piqué clothes brush would have been considered the height of luxury and sophistication when it was made in 1916 by the masters and piqué work, William Comyns and Sons Ltd. 
It has all its original bristles and can be used today in exactly the same way it was over 100 years ago. The elegant silver neo-Robert Adam design has been inlaid into the tortoiseshell and then mounted in a tooled rim of imbricated acanthus pods. 

The extended Edwardian period focussed a lot on using late 18th century neo-classical designs and they were particularly popular at William Comyns and Sons. 

Comyns had made exceptional silver since the third quarter of the 19th century and by 1885 had taken his sons into partnership with him. They maintained their excellent standards well into the 20th century and were often quite cutting edge in their designs and practises. 

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